Diversity offers perspective - the engine of the Future Earth Academy curriculum. We thoughtfully recruit learners who represent points of view from all reaches of the globe, including those from remote regions; and we strive to build a body of learners with diverse social, cultural, political, and economic orientations.

There are 5 components embedded in our design to ensure true global diversity and a culture of inclusion and equality in our school collective.

1. We actively seek student candidates from every region of the world, making sure our invitation is delivered to those in remote areas by individuals and organizations with local credibility.

2. We charge no tuition so that financial status will not eliminate student candidates who are likely to thrive and contribute in our program and also to ensure that our student body represents a range of socio-economic perspectives.

3. We seek and welcome Sponsors who are dedicated to building diversity in STEM fields. Learn more about Sponsorship here.

3. The panel that sets the admissions criteria for student candidates is diverse in race and gender, and at least one member of this panel is professionally committed to diversifying access to and participation in STEM fields. A separate but similarly designed panel reviews and approves student candidates for admission.

4. The school's Social-Emotional Mentors (SEMs) are professionally trained and experienced in facilitating teen group dynamics in settings of extreme socio-economic and cultural diversity. In addition, the SEMs actively supervise and model best practices for all adult Field Mentors to ensure a culture of inclusion and equality across all experiences.