Purpose should drive learning.


We define purpose to mean our goals for supporting, improving, and nourishing people and things outside of ourselves. This can sometimes be misunderstood as an exercise in selflessness or charity.  But rather It is a process of thoughtful and intentional contribution.

Future Earth Academy replaces industrial era achievement-based devices such as scores, letter grades, age-based segmentation and competitions with the intrinsically motivating engine of purpose.  

When you are doing what you love in the company of others who are doing the same, finding endless ways to connect and collaborate around your interests, you are naturally driven. When you find ways to leverage your interests for a positive impact, you are deeply fulfilled and are not likely to regret your choices or how you spent your time.

Achievement without purpose has no value in Future Earth Academy. All aspects of the learning design reward a personal rigor of introspection, character-building, human connection, and an increased sense of one’s role and agency in the systems of life.


We start with recruitment and admissions, taking care to ensure that candidates for the school are guided by a desire to contribute across an array of interests, including science, art, sociology, politics, culture and more. 

The school itself is founded for a purpose (see Community-Inspired for more). This means that students are members of an organization that is constantly modeling its ethos as an organization and community stakeholder.

See FAQ for more.