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Future Earth Academy is funded by Sponsors who agree to cover the cost of one or more students. Sponsorship can be granted to a designated student or group of students, to a category of student (e.g., students from Australia, female students) or made generally available to any student who satisfies the admissions criteria. 

The criteria for both admissions and annual student progress evaluations have been established by a body of respected practitioners in biotech and related fields​, individuals dedicated to improving diversity in STEM fields, and the program's Social-Emotional Director.


These criteria are used by a 5-member Student Review Panel, which decides student admission and reviews student progress annually.  This Panel is led by program founder Dr. Jennifer Jones and the Social-Emotional Director and includes:

  • 2 individuals respected for their tenure and contribution to biotech or related fields

  • 1 individual respected for contributing to one or more emerging technologies (eg quantum)

  • 1 individual with a demonstrated commitment to improving diversity in scientific fields

While these panel members may change, all panels enforce the established admissions and progress review criteria.

Sponsors do not participate in or influence admissions decisions in any way. However, Sponsors view the criteria for admissions and student progress reviews, the qualifications of student applicants, and the credentials of the Student Review Panel and of those who established the original admissions/review criteria. Sponsors are also shown all admissions decisions (and notes), as well as notes and outcomes from all student progress reviews.

Sponsorship covers a 4-year matriculation (40 months or 144 weeks). While students may choose to leave and return to Future Earth Academy as they choose and to complete matriculation in their own time, sponsorship continues to cover a student until the full 4-year period has been completed.

Contact program founder Dr. Jennifer Jones for full details of sponsorship and to review program financials.

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