No Tuition


Education as a commodity is inherently discriminatory and reinforces social stratification. And it isn’t just private education that supports this approach. Public education funding structures across most of the world quietly and intrinsically reinforce the relationship between money and value in education.


Future Earth Academy challenges this model by removing tuition completely, even for those with the ability to pay.  All students enter based entirely on “merit” which is defined as being positioned to thrive in the program and contribute to its purpose.


Students are vetted by a panel of experts in the program disciplines, social-emotional fields, and diversity initiatives.  Many of the current Future Earth Academy advisors will serve on this Student Review Panel.  

Once unanimously supported by the Student Review Panel, students receive sponsorship for their entire tenure at Future Earth Academy. Learn more about sponsorship here.


The sponsorship approach protects the student from the societal bias inherent in a tuition model where a student's ability to pay is a factor both in their candidacy and in the relationships they form with peers and other members of the school community. 


Purpose and contribution can now define the student experience rather than financial status or a sense of financial obligation. 

See FAQ or Sponsorship for more.